Marble Prints For Your Home

Marble Prints are a great way to add different colours and textures into your home, without the heavy price tag of commissioned art. With the popularity of marble prints rising, you will no doubt find the perfect print to suit your home and interior style. We have recently seen a trend towards agate and liquid marble art rather than the traditional stone like marble we are used to. New marble designs incorporate a lot more texture and ooze opulence. Here at LXR Create we have just launched a brand new marble collection that features a wide range of different marble print sets. From rich greens to glistening golds, we are certain you will find the perfect print for your home.

To help make your decision a little easier we have put together a list of our favourite 5 marble prints from the new collection and have outlined interior styles they might work best with. Be sure to check out the full marble collection & let us know on Instagram your favourite piece.

Top 5 Marble Prints

  1. Make A Statement With Emerald Green

If you are someone that likes a colourful interior and a space that pops you are probably already aware of the rising popularity of adding green into interiors. Green has a great way of rejuvenating a space and making an interior feel energetic, fresh and at one with nature. Emerald green, in particular, has been increasingly popular over the last few years. A darker green can help a space feel opulent, rich and luxurious. If you are wanting to bring that colour into your space but don’t want to commit to a full room makeover then you should definitely consider our Green and Gold Marble Agate Print Set. This marble print set features deep green tones which are contrasted beautifully against glistening golds and rich textures. The perfect addition to any interior that wants to make a statement with colour.

Agate Marble Print Set From LXR Create

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2. Keep It Modern With Navy

Previously described as the new black, navy is the perfect colour to create a bold, modern interior. If you are decorating an interior that is larger and can respond well to darker, richer tones you should definitely consider making a statement with navy and deep blue tones. Blue is often associated with the seaside and nauticual interiors, but more and more navy is being used to represent sleek and modern interiors. Pair it with gold and you have instantly created an interior that is modern, luxurious and expensive. The Navy Agate Marble Print is quite minimal in its design, yet still features enough colour, texture and gold to make an impact. The perfect addition to any modern interior that features a deeply rich colour palette.

Navy Agate Marble Print Set From LXR Create

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3. Glisten And Shine With Glitter

Glitter marble prints are an absolute must if you love a glamorous interior. We have added a wide range of glitter marble prints to the collection so you can add a glistening texture into your home. One of our favourites has to be the Blush Glitter Marble Print Set, it’s the ultimate statement piece. Glitter wall art is both stylish and versatile, and this design will work well in a wide range of spaces within your home. This is perfect if you are wanting to add subtle pink tones into your home through accessories with a feminine touch that isn’t too bold.

Blush Pink Glitter Marble Print Set From LXR Create

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4. Go Bold With Blue And Gold

Perhaps you want to make a statement with your interior and go bold with rich colours and stand out accessories? If so, the Blue And Gold Agate Marble Set was made for you. This print set features a deep blue wave design and glistening golden textures that ooze both style and glamour. Add a pop of colour to your home that is modern, stylish and on-trend. Best styled in larger sizes to make the statement you want within your home.

Blue And gold Agate marble Print Set From LXR Create

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5. Silver Marble For A Grey Interior

It’s no secret that one of the most popular interior design styles particularly in the Instagram home community is a grey home. This modern, minimalist interior style has grown in popularity as more and more people opt for white walls and grey furnishings. If you are someone that loves the minimalism of a grey home but feel like something is missing you should definitely consider our Silver Marble Print Set. This modern design is the perfect duo to add a little something to your naked walls without being too bold with colour or texture.

Silver Marble Print Set From LXR Create

Available From Our ETSY Store

Overall, marble prints will make a great addition to any interior style. We are certain you will find the perfect set for your interior design style and tastes.

Be sure to check out the full marble collection on our ETSY store and keep up with us on Instagram for more new releases.


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