Black Lives Matter FREE Print


FREE A4 DOWNLOADABLE PRINT. The Black Lives Matter Print is designed to encourage, inspire and remind you all that black lives do, have and always will matter. Support the Black Lives Matter movement and help put a stop towards racially charged police brutality. We all have a role to play in speaking up for justice, let your voice be heard. We need to fight for justice and strive for a world where racism will NOT be tolerated.

When downloading this file you will receive TWO A4 Black Lives Matter Prints, in two different colour palettes. Download and print at home and create a space where you feel motivated and empowered. We can all work hand in hand to make a change.

Only available as a download. You will receive a link to download once you have ordered. 

Colour Theory has been used across our Black Lives Matter Prints to evoke the best feelings in you to want to fight for justice. The psychology behind the colours used is:
Red: Attention Grabbing, Powerful. Orange: Motivational. Black: Independence, Control and Seriousness. Purple: Wisdom.

We want you to hang this print in pride of place at home, send a copy to friends and family & share on social media. Get people talking, and let’s fight for justice for George Floyd and the many black lives that have been sadly taken from police brutality. Support the black lives matter movement and fight for an end to racism towards all black lives.


1. Sign Petitions
There are a few circulating online that you can sign, we will link some below for you to check out. Sign and share and do your own research for others you can sign.

Justice For George Floyd – Change

Charge The Police Officers – Change

Justice For George Floyd – Act

2. Donate
If you can afford to do so you can also donate, do your research on where else you can donate and how to help.

George Floyd Memorial Fund 

Black Lives Matter Donation

3. Spread the message, fight for change & educate yourself.
Please do not stop sharing or talking about the injustice black people are facing on a daily basis. This is not a quick fix, you need to be committed to wanting to make a difference and seeing change. Keep speaking on this issue, your voice needs to be heard.

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