Law Of Attraction Kit


Who’s ready to attract all of the positive vibes into their life? Our Law Of Attraction set is perfect for anyone that wants to attract abundance, love, success and make all of their dreams and wishes come true. This kit features everything you need to raise your vibrations and attract good things.

What’s included:

One Rose Quartz Crystal – the stone of universal love, dubbed the self love crystal to help you attract more self love into your life. We will also include a guide on how to cleanse your crystal when you first receive it. Please note shape, size and colour varies of the crystal as they are a natural product.

Letters To The Universe Activity – you will receive letter templates, a pink envelope addressed to the universe and a wax seal. Write a letter to the universe a practice the manifesting activity scripting and pretend your biggest goal, dream or desire has come true. How do you feel, what does your life look like now, affirm it and put those goals and visions out into the universe.

Blank Abundance Cheques – you will receive an A4 sheet of three blank cheques for you to affirm and attract more abundance into your life. Write down the money you want to receive,  your name and affirm it with a positive message like “I am worthy of abundance” – if you can dream it you can have it!

You Can and You Will Positive Pencil – to help you work through all of the different law of attraction activities we’ve included one of our positive pencils as a reminder that you can do anything you want to.

All of the items included are sold individually excluding the letters to the universe activity. This is a must have if you are exploring more LOA in your life.

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