Letters To The Universe


Our Letters To The Universe Kit is designed to help you connect with your dreams and biggest goals and start attracting all that you deserve into your life. This product is based around the manifesting activity known as scripting. This is where you write to the Universe as if one of your biggest goals has come true, thank the universe, describe how you now feel, what your life looks like etc. This is a great way to visualise all of the elements of your goals and help you believe they can come true. If you can dream it, you can have it.

What’s Included:

-Two A5 letter templates to write your goal vision down.

-A pink envelope addressed to the universe

-A with love wax seal to enclose your letters into the envelope and re-read when you want to reflect on how far you have come.

-One Positive Pencil

I can’t wait to see you achieve all of your dreams.



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