Rose Quartz Raw Crystal


Be the energy you want to attract, our first crystal product is here and we are obsessed! The Rose Quartz Raw Crystal is the stone of universal love and is perfect for anyone that wants to practice more self-love and welcome more love into their lives. When you practice both self love and self care you allow yourself to attract more abundance from the universe. Good vibes attract more good vibes right? When you truly love yourself and KNOW that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire that’s when you will really start to attract abundance into your life.

You will receive:

  • A Rose Quartz Raw Crystal – You can expect a raw, rough crystal that will help you activate more love into your life. Due to the nature of the product your crystal may be different in colour and have black dots or brown faded marks on. Size and shapes vary as this a natural product but they are approx. 5-6cm. It’s important to remember it is a natural stone.
  • An insert that tells you a little more about the crystal and ways in which you can cleanse your crystal. It’s so important to do this when you get your crystal as it would have picked up different ¬†energies from the people and nature it has come into contact with and they might not align with your own.
  • Self Love Affirmations Ritual – this is just a little starter activity that you can do whilst holding your crystal to practice more self love and affirm positive thoughts.

Jar & Envelope for illustrative purposes only.

We can’t wait to see you using your new crystal and showing yourself the love that you deserve.

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