Why Buy Wall Art?

When it comes to choosing decorative pieces and accessories for your home, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you. Wall Art has been a statement piece within interiors for many years and can often be the showcase item within a room’s interior design. If you aren’t someone that wants to commit to an expensive art piece, then prints and posters might be the best option for you. Cheap and affordable prints are so readily available now and there are an abundance of stylish posters online to suit any interior design style.

5 Reasons To Buy Prints

  1. High quality yet affordable

If you are someone that doesn’t have access to a printer at home, then a print business was made for you. Prints and posters are a great way to add some art, illustrations or quotes to your home without a heavy investment into a bespoke piece. Despite the cheap price, quality is not compromised. At LXR Create all of our prints are printed onto high-quality paper in a matte or gloss finish depending on the print size you choose. Another great advantage of prints is they are easily interchangeable, perfect if you are someone that likes to switch up their interior regularly and create new spaces.

Agate Marble Print From LXR Create

LXR Create: Green Agate Marble Print Sold Via Our ETSY Store

2. Prints For Every Style

The great thing about buying prints is the endless amount of choice and variety available to you. Regardless of what your interior design language is, there really is something for everyone to suit all tastes. Choosing the right prints for your space can be a time-consuming process, but it’s important to get it right. Firstly think about style, if you are into something artistic then illustrations or marble prints might be the best option for you. Or perhaps you love a good quote? if that’s the case then definitely look at the different types of typography prints available. Next, you should consider the size of print you want to go for, take into account your interior style and how much of a statement you want to make within your home. For example, if your home is fairly minimal you might want to counteract that with a large quote print in a monchrome frame. The choices are endless!

LXR Create offers greater flexibility as well by allowing you to design your own quote print. This offers you creative control over the prints that go into your home ensuring they match your style without compromise.

nasty In Bed Print From LXR Create

LXR Create: Namastay In Bed Print

3. Celebrate An Occasion

As well as being a great addition to your interior, prints can help you celebrate the important moments in your life too. Personalised prints are a great way to remember a special moment in your life whether it be a new home, engagement or new baby. Whether you buy one for yourself as a keepsake or gift for a friend or family member. It’s such a great, cost-effective way to celebrate good times. Personalised prints are perfect if you want to put your own stamp onto a print and really make it your own. Add important names, dates and locations to create your perfect print gift.

Personalised New Baby Print From LXR Create

LXR Create: Personalised Baby Print Sold Via Our ETSY Store

4. Add Some Positivity To Your Home

A happy home is a healthy home, right? At LXR Create we love promoting the benefits of positive affirmations and filling your home with motivational prints and posters. Quotes can really help you feel inspired, motivated and calm your thoughts when things might be a little overwhelming. Positive prints are a great way to add something inspiring yet stylish to your home. Whether you want something bold and colourful, an empowering quote for women or something in a stunning calligraphy font there are so many positive affirmations to choose from. Think about an area where you might like to feel inspired within your home. Perhaps, you have a home office that could do with a revamp, or a relaxation area where you want to unwind, meditate and repeat affirmations. Whatever your vibe is, everyone could do with some more positivity in their homes!

Female Empowerment Print From LXR Create

LXR Create: She Believed She Could Print

5. A Print For Every Room

Another reason is that you can literally fill every room in your home with prints thanks to such a wide choice. Rather than a one design fits all approach, there are different print designs specifically made for specific areas within the home. For example, bedroom prints are great for above the bed and you can finally have it in writing who’s side is which, or perhaps you want to be a little bit quirky with your choices and go for a Get Naked print in the bathroom. There are so many possibilities and believe us, once you buy one print you will want more! When shopping for prints start room by room and determine what vibe you want to go for, is it playful, motivational or artistic? Whatever you decide you are guaranteed to find the perfect prints for every room within your home.

Big Spoon Little Spoon Print From LXR Create

LXR Create: The Big Spoon Little Spoon Print Sold Via Our ETSY Store

Overall, there are so many great reasons to buy prints and posters. They are an absoloute must in any modern home and can help you create a fun, inspiring and stylish space at such an affordable price.

Be sure to check out our wide range of prints and posters online at LXR Create and visit our ETSY Store for other exclusive prints and start styling your naked walls today.


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